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Our Policies

Our Quality Policy

DERYA GROUP has adopted the principle of providing reliable, trouble-free service to its customers with its expert management staff and personnel, using advanced technology and modern engineering solutions in the Maritime and Industrial sector.
Our employees who adopt team spirit and work devotedly are the basis of our quality. The guarantee of the continuity of our quality is our meticulous work and the service we provide.
Our “Quality Policy” is to adopt customer satisfaction as the first target by implementing continuous development and improvement in all units, to fulfill the requirements and applicable conditions of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard and to continuously improve its effectiveness.


Our Environmental Policy

  • To comply with the environmental legislation in our country and to keep it updated.
  • Ensuring measurable continuous improvement in every possible area related to the environment,
  • Determining environmental dimensions, determining the types of environmental impacts and harms,
  • To minimize pollution and wastes and to ensure the disposal of our hazardous wastes with minimum environmental impact,
  • To provide continuous training to employees and subcontractors and to encourage them to apply these principles,
  • Accordingly, to determine the goals and objectives and to reveal the progress by reviewing every year,
  • In the light of these principles, it is to continuously improve our environmental management system.

These principles will be announced to the public using communication opportunities and will be open to public opinion.


Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • As DERYA GROUP, we will be open to “Continuous Development” and to interested parties in order to catch up and grow.
  • Occupational Health and Safety is the responsibility of all DERYA GROUP employees.
  • Responsibilities and powers will be shared among all our employees in order to fulfill laws, regulations, regulations and other Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
  • At DERYA GROUP, Occupational Health and Safety is as important as our other business purposes.
  • All accidents can and should be prevented.
  • There is always a safer way to do every job.
  • In DERYA GROUP; Training is always indispensable in order to effectively apply ISO 45001 Standard and to create and develop awareness of individual responsibility on Occupational Health and Safety issues.
  • Within the scope of Occupational Safety, the necessary environment will be provided for the consultation and participation of our employees, employee representatives and suppliers coming to our facilities.
  • All occupational safety hazards, risks arising from our activities will be determined, root causes will be examined and preventive measures and programs will be implemented resolutely to minimize these risks to an acceptable level. Applications will be result-oriented and continuous inquiries and improvements will be made.
  • All kinds of internal and external resources at DERYA GROUP; It will be used in the most correct and most beneficial way to provide an efficient, safe and healthy working environment, to enable communication effectively, to increase the individual performance of employees and to reward knowledge and success, and will be continuously improved.